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Before You Get Married, Read This

Posted on November 16 2019

Before You Get Married, Read This

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So aren’t you just in a hurry to jump the gun? So you’re telling me that you want to leave the single life and finally settle down with your one true love? Why, aren’t you a very lucky man? Not everyone gets to have that chance. Not everyone gets lucky enough to actually find their soulmate and actually be with them in this life. An opportunity like that, I would understand why you’re in such a hurry to seize it.  

But you know, marriage is not the end of a journey. If anything, it’s the start of a new one. It’s the beginning of a long and winding journey to an exciting or frustrating life together. Now, you should really hope that you get to experience the former. And the only way to make sure that this ends positively is to actually be ready for it. You have to be ready to make such commitment. After all, this is not a game you can just stop playing the moment you get tired of it. To marry someone would mean that you’re making a person a definite part of your past, present and future. If somehow, you end up going in separate ways in the future, that person’s existence will still leave a mark in your life. They’re part of your history from that point on.

This is why I’m telling you this now: Marriage is a very, very important decision in life. You might think otherwise since you’re free to file for divorce whenever you feel like it. But if you could help it, you should never. It’s a scar and a cross that’s too heavy to bear for life. So instead of being rash and impulsive about this decision, you should think about it thoroughly.   

Lucky for you, we’re going to be your love gurus today. We’re going to tell you exactly what to expect with marriage and how you can prepare for it better.

Should You Even Get Married In The First Place?

First off, we’re not trying to make you despise the idea of a lifetime union – we’re simply telling you to not take it lightly. Marriage is a beautiful thing. To actually have someone to be with, to hold, and to spend the rest of your life with is such a blessing. However, tying the knot when you’re clearly not ready spells disaster. If you don’t want to cut your joyous days short, it would be best that you evaluate your motives for marriage. Are you finally doing it because you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready? Or, are you simply afraid to be left behind by the times.

I’m telling you, if your reason for settling down resonates more with the latter than the former, I suggest you rethink this whole thing – before it’s too late. Worst case scenario is you end up losing that one special person in your life because you’re too immature and too disoriented to be making such a huge step.

To answer the question, you should get married only when you feel like it’s time. You’ll feel it in your heart, mind, and gut. You look at this person and you see forever in their eyes. You know that it’s not going to be an easy journey but you’d risk it anyway. It is when you acknowledge all the bad things that may come with marriage (the misunderstandings, catfights, financial tussles, etc.) but would still rather brave those challenges side-by-side with your one and only person, that is when you know you’re ready.

Again, don’t let people rush you with their timelines. For all you know, your story is still just being written. If you jump the gun too soon, you might end up as a side character to your own life’s story. Let time, faith, and fate do their work. Getting married, even much later on in life, is still going to be the most beautiful thing ever.

Also, if you want to be extra sure that you’re ready to take on this new chapter in your life, here’s a short checklist of things you may want to take note of.

How To Tell If You And Your Partner Are Ready To Tie The Knot

Your Relationship Does Not Make You Lose Your Individuality

“Two become one.” Now, where have I heard this line before? Oh, wait! I’ve heard it countless times already – and I’m telling you now that it is all a lie. When you are in a relationship, you and your partner should maintain your individuality. Why? This is because it is what you have come to love about each other in the first place. To lose your own person because of the relationship is not healthy. You need to have your own goals, aspirations, and dreams. You shouldn’t quit being you just because of a relationship. When you learn to co-exist but not co-dependent, when life is better together but still okay apart, that is when you are ready to tie the knot.

You Need To Be Able To Support Each Other’s Endeavors

Respect is a fundamental aspect of any working relationship. No matter what your label is – boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife – you have to understand that you do not own the other. If you’re thinking about getting married soon, you should ask yourself “Will I be able to support my partner when it comes to pursuing his or her own endeavors?” Although there’s this whole thing about exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony, marriage is not a pair of handcuffs that binds another person to you. It is a promise of commitment; it is a declaration of everlasting love. And when you really love a person, you learn to love everything about them – including their passions and aspirations in life.  

Communication Is No Longer A Problem To You Both

Lastly, most couples fail at one thing: Communication. Before you even marry someone, you should make sure that your partner is someone you can openly share your heart and mind to. You have to make sure that they are someone you can squabble with, argue with, and compromise with at the end of the day. Communication is very important for a lasting relationship. If you think that you ace this department, then maybe you really are ready to get hitched.

So, why not pick out your wedding rings now?