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Diamonds Are So Yesterday; Today We Go Green

Posted on November 26 2019

Diamonds Are So Yesterday; Today We Go Green


Diamonds are said to be every girl’s best friend. They’re shiny and pretty and they really bring out a woman’s personality. It’s no wonder why you would want to propose with a diamond ring. But I ask you: Are you absolutely sure that you want to do that? I know it’s always been a tradition but times have changed. And surely, you would want your proposal to stand out from the rest too.

Anyway, today we will be discussing how obsolete diamond proposals are. But before that I want to talk about why men feel like they have to propose with this precious stone in the first place?

What Started Diamond Proposals?

If you trace the history of marriage proposals, not one account can accurately tell you what brought about this tradition. If you check out classic lore, you would see that jewelry has always been used as gifts for women – whether it be for courtship or marriage. In western communities, it is common for a man to offer gifts of passion to a woman. For one, they would want to make them presentable; to make them look good in public appearances. Two, it’s a way of flaunting their wealth to the woman they are trying to woo. Jewelry, after all, is a symbol of high status in society; only the rich can afford them.

The ring, especially, is seen in high regard. It’s a small piece of jewelry but most times, it would cost more than the bigger pieces. This is because the process of making a ring is much harder than others. Its circular shape must be perfect and the designs are much more intricate. Also, precious stones are often used to decorate rings; the addition of authentic crystals alone could skyrocket a ring’s price. Soon, although we don’t exactly know when, rings were used for marriage proposals. It became a symbol of love and everlasting union. This association only added more to the value of rings and now, they come at a very expensive price.

Nobody really knows who started this tradition specifically. No one can pinpoint who made the first-ever ring proposal. However, it is said that the market value of diamond rings today is heavily influenced by people’s perception of it.

We see it all the time – in movies, books, TV shows, etc. Media tells us that it is only appropriate that a man proposes with a diamond. They make it look as if it’s the only thing that can make a girl happy. It puts pressure on them; telling them that they should only bring up the topic of marriage when they can afford to buy such expensive jewelry.

But really now, a proposal doesn’t necessarily need to have a diamond ring. In fact, a ring is not a requirement at all. When two people truly understand each other and want to be together for the rest of their lives, it doesn’t matter how the proposal goes. Diamond or no diamond, two people who are meant to be together will be together if the love is true.

Also, it’s 2019. Don’t you think diamond rings are a little old school? Since “going green” is the groovy thing of today, why not consider proposing with a ring that has strong roots with nature – literally. Today, I introduce you to the classy yet much affordable wood rings.

What Are Wood Rings?

You’ve probably heard of gold, sterling silver, and even stainless steel rings before. But let me guess: The whole wood ring thing is kind of new to you, isn’t it? Well, it’s because it is! It really is something new. It’s the latest and trendiest in the jewelry world.

Wood rings are often made from tungsten or titanium metal which are unique types of metal with a lustrous shimmer and durable quality. The ring itself is metal; the “wood” part is engraved into the ring. It’s real, exotic wood that comes only from the finest trees. There’s oak, mahogany, acacia, and many others. The wood is laced around the ring and is carefully sealed so that it never decays or wears off. The end product is a chic ring with a natural vibe. It’s classy and elegant, simple yet charming.

It’s also much more convenient to wear. If you really think about it, your girl can only wear a diamond ring every once in a while – probably when there’s a fancy occasion going on. Surely, she can’t wear it when she comes down to the laundromat or when she picks up the groceries. She also can’t wear it to her spinning class or any rigorous activities. She would constantly have to take it off and wear it on again. It’s impractical and inconvenient to say the least. It’s also at most risk of getting lost. Imagine a couple thousand dollars just going down the drain.

A wood ring, on the other hand, has all the elegance of a classic ring but is also comfortable to wear. Tungsten and titanium are durable and long-lasting metals. In fact, they can outlive several generations. Your girl can wear her engagement ring wherever and whenever she wants. She can wear it forever and it still wouldn’t be a problem. She can wear it to the bath, to the store, and even when she’s just going to take the dog for a walk. It’s waterproof and scratch resilient so she doesn’t have to worry about a lot of things.

If a blend of beauty and practicality is what you seek, then I really suggest proposing with this modern ring. I assure you; it will get your feelings across just the same and your girl will come to adore it too!