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Happy Wife, Happy Life: Get The Missus A Lovely Gift This Year

Posted on December 05 2019

Happy Wife, Happy Life: Get The Missus A Lovely Gift This Year

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After several years of being together, it is all but normal for the passion to simmer down a little bit. That happens to everyone. It doesn’t immediately mean that you’re falling out of love. It’s more like, you’ve established a routine. It’s because you’ve been together for so long that seeing each other doesn’t seem so special anymore. If anything, it only feels natural, a given perhaps. After all, that’s what it means to marry someone right? It’s normal to see each other every single day.

Before you know it, you become complacent – apathetic even. You begin to not notice the little things anymore. You start to feel bored. It’s as if the same things keep happening over and over again. You get up in the morning beside the same person for several years now; you eat with them on the same table. You spend weekends with them, go to the malls with them, everything. You do everything together so somewhere along the way you begin to take things for granted. And at some point, you don’t feel the need to show them you care anymore.

This is when most marriages begin to break down. And instead of picking it up and repairing it, some of us give in to temporary fun. We lead ourselves astray just because we’re tired of the same old routine. Well, guess what? You only realize the importance of these mundane moments once you lose them. These little things are what you’ll miss most when the time comes that you can no longer experience them.

Is The Missus Growing Cold Towards You?

Hate to say it but we men are so quick to whine about things – like a bunch of babies, really. When things don’t go our way, we’re quick to turn away and blame the other person. This even happens in the marketing world, companies are quick to blame the agency they have hired when any little thing goes wrong, such as a dentist hiring a dental SEO company. But really now, are we so sure that we’re not the one who’s at fault as to why our partners are acting cold towards us. My friend, if you don’t understand women logic, then why are you even married in the first place?

Remember: Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Can you recall the first time you’ve ever laid eyes on that woman you call your wife now? How did you feel back then? Now, recall that feeling. Didn’t she make your heart flutter whenever she passes by? Didn’t you make all sorts of excuses just to get to talk to her? Remember the times you begged for her attention, you pleaded for a minute of her time. Remember how desperate you were when you tried to ask her out on a first date.

Where did all that enthusiasm go?

Sometimes, when we get too familiar and comfortable with people, we tend to forget the reasons why we’re with them in the first place. We tend to take their presence for granted. We let ourselves believe that everything is a given just because they married you. Where was that promise of keeping her happy forever?

The reason why she may be growing cold towards you is because you’re not the same man she married. You’re not the man who promised her the moon. It’s not you who made her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Now, you treat her like a background existence – someone who is there just because she should. Don’t get mad when the missus gives you the cold shoulder. She’s basically sulking because you’re not giving her as much attention and praise. Instead, try to review and evaluate your attitude towards her. Try to assess your redeeming qualities as a husband in these recent years.

Have you been good to her? Have you given her enough reason to still want to be with you?

They say half of marriages end in divorce and I think this is the number one reason why. As men, we should take the first step to rekindle the waning fire in our relationships. And you know when the perfect time to do that is? Your anniversary.

What Should You Get Your Girl On Your Special Day?

Now, be honest with me here: When was the last time you did something special for the missus?

If you’re telling me that you haven’t been doing anything except ask her to decide where to have the anniversary dinner, my man, you’re really close to becoming single again. Worse, don’t tell me you sometimes forget.

To us, men, anniversaries may not be such a big deal but we have to be sensitive enough to know that women love to celebrate this special day. It reminds them of the day they actually married you so you really don’t want them thinking that they regret their decision. You should own up to your title as a husband and do something special for her – maybe give her a nice, sweet gift.

On that note, how about a classy and elegant wood ring?

You’ve probably proposed with a diamond ring, right? And, you must wear matching gold wedding rings. So to make the occasion special and unique, why not give her something that’s a little different? If you like what you hear then I’m happy to say that we have a whole selection of wood rings you can choose from. They’re practically designed to suit both sexes so you can grab one for yourself too.

But she doesn’t give me anything, why should I gift her?

The only reason why your wife may not be giving a whole lot of effort into your relationship and anniversaries is because she can see that you don’t care much for it. If you do your part, she will do hers. Trust me; this one sweet gesture can light up a spark in your relationship that you never knew was still there.