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How Should You Celebrate Your Anniversary This Year?

Posted on December 17 2019

How Should You Celebrate Your Anniversary This Year?

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Oh, it’s that time of the year again, isn’t it?

Well, aren’t you the hopeless romantic for getting so umpity-ump? Men like you are truly a blessing in this world of insensitive and apathetic brutes. It’s like you’re a breath of fresh air. So whoever that lucky woman is that gets to celebrate her anniversary in a special way this year, she sure is lucky. Both of you are lucky to be in-love so deeply.

Still, it’s quite a pain huh? Every year, you must outdo yourself. Every year, you have to come up with a creative new idea of courting your wife just so she wouldn’t pack up and leave for another year. Nah, I’m just kidding. Celebration or not, I know that you two are still two peas in a pod.

Going back to the main problem, I’m sure that you still want to top what you did last year or it could be that you’ve been doing the same thing over the past few years and now you want to liven things up. Well, you’re in luck because the relationship guru (that’s me) has some interesting suggestions for your anniversary activities this year. Of course, I’ll just be giving pointers for the activities prior to the “main event” if you know what I mean.

Anyway, we’ll do this step-by-step so I’m going to divide the article into sections: The Gift, The Setting, and The Activity. If you don’t have any problems with reading in that order, let’s start.

The Gift

Okay. Not trying to be materialistic here but every anniversary deserves a gift, don’t you think? After all, a whole year of being together, overcoming struggles and understanding differences is something to be celebrated. It deserves a special commemorative item to remember by. This gift will become a symbol of the entire year you two had and it can hold great memories which your wife can look back to years down the road.

Now, the gift should really depend on the kind of message you want to convey to your spouse. Also, it would be great if you can choose something that the missus strongly associates with. It could also be something that you both find enjoyable and amusing. For example, if you’re a fan of tattoo art, you can get matching tattoos for every year you’ve been together (Don’t worry; if you’re just starting now, you don’t need seven different tattoos for seven different years. You can just start the tradition this year). Or, if you’re fond of accessorizing, then maybe a matching pair of rings?

I know it isn’t a totally new idea since you already have matching rings (your wedding rings) but I still believe a ring would make a great gift, especially if you’re celebrating a pearl or silver anniversary. A ring can be comfortably worn anytime and it’s kind of just there in plain vision. It’s like a reminder that you have a good home to go back to even if your day isn’t going so well. An elegant wood ring for example isn’t too gaudy to look at and can be practically worn almost anywhere. I know it’s going to be a good gift.

Anyway, once you’ve decided on the kind of gift you want to surprise your spouse with, next we have the setting.

The Setting

When I say setting, I do mean it literally – the place. If you have the budget for it going to an overseas trip and turning your anniversary day into an anniversary vacay seems like a good idea. Your wife (and you) may feel a little stressed out these days and it might be affecting your relationship. Taking time off to unwind, hit the beaches, or tour some other country may be a good idea for this year. Again, only if you have the budget. If not, you shouldn’t force it. You shouldn’t loan or borrow the money for the trip. Trust me; your wife will be delirious with rage the moment she finds out.

A nice dinner in an exquisite restaurant is one of the oldest tricks in the book but I bet you it still works. You just have to create a “prom night” vibe and make her feel like she’s a VIP. Buy flowers, rent a limousine if you can, get reservations, and basically just serve her for the night. This is still a romantic setup in my book.

It could also be that your idea of celebrating is just having yourselves for each other. If you have a big household (lots of kids, you know), it can be hard to get some privacy and alone time together. For this, may I recommend a staycation at a classy hotel perhaps? You can sit by the pool and sip a couple of mimosas, read books, and simply enjoy each other’s company. It’s normal to miss the days when it used to be just her and you so maybe this year is a time to rekindle that feeling.

The Activity

There are lots of things you can do for your anniversary. You can have dinner (but I think this one’s a given), stargaze, go wine-tasting, go clubbing (if your back is still tough enough for that), skiing, hot-tubbing, road-tripping, and lots more. You can worry about the activity after you decide on the setting because you would need it to be appropriate to the place, after all.

The importance of having a specific activity to do is because it is what will make the day memorable. After years gone by, it is what you’ll remember most – the fun time you had doing the activity with the one person you love.

Well, we hope this list checks out and that you stay in-love forever!