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How Should You Propose To The Woman Of Your Dreams

Posted on January 30 2020

How Should You Propose To The Woman Of Your Dreams

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No matter how buff you are, how lean and mighty-looking, even if you’re the bulkiest muscle builder in town, popping the ultimate question to the woman of your dreams will still make you all wobbly on the knees. Maybe that’s why men get down on one knee to propose, don’t you think? Maybe the whole thing makes them all jittery and out of balance. Instead of thinking of it as a grand gesture, a way of resigning and offering oneself to the other, maybe the purpose of the whole kneeling thing is to keep men from embarrassing themselves in case they fall over. After all, proposing feels pretty nerve-wracking, don’t you think?

To women, finally hearing their man propose is a very big day for them – if not, the best. To men, this day is one of the most stressful. But it’s a good kind of stress, for sure. What women don’t know is that it takes a lot of courage, guts, and balls (excuse the word) for a real man to pop that question. To them, the guy may seem all confident and excited like he knows exactly what he’s doing but in reality, I bet you his knees are shaking and it takes all of him to try and keep things under control.

After all, even if you’ve been together a long time and you may agree with each other on a lot of things, there’s no telling whether you’d say YES. I think any man who thinks a “yes” is always a given for a long-term couple is too full of himself. A real man knows that the length or duration of the relationship has got nothing to do with a woman’s acceptance of a proposal. I hate to say this but just because you’re comfortable with each other doesn’t mean you’re husband material right away. Real men know that a NO is possible. But they pop the question anyway.


Well that’s because it’s not about the answer. It’s about letting the other person feel how serious you are about the relationship. It’s about conveying your desire to be with someone for a lifetime. It’s saying “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Whether that sincerity is met with a yes or no doesn’t matter at this point. The only thing that is on a man’s mind is expression. He just wants the woman of his dreams to know how much she means to him. And if those feelings aren’t enough, then at least he gave it his best shot.   

Still, if you could help it, you would want to get that YES – wouldn’t you?

I hear you mate. This is why today, my team and I have decided to dedicate our brain power into coming up with a list of things you can do or prepare to make sure that your proposal goes off without a hitch. We decided to put in all our efforts together so that you can get the happiest answer in the world. Don’t worry; we won’t be telling you to sky dive your proposal or anything like that. We believe that it’s the simple and subtle things that matter most. And trust me; these are also what your girl will appreciate the most.

Prepare The Ring

A ring symbolizes many things. But in this case, it would signify union – a never ending union. Like the shape of a ring, marriage is a lifetime thing. A circle goes round and round with no ending; it has no sides or ends. It’s the perfect symbol of forever. It tells your partner that you want to be bound to them for as long as the clock ticks and the Earth revolves, maybe even longer than that.

Now most guys would go for a diamond engagement ring – well, because that’s what media sells us. It sells us the idea that every proposal must be done with a diamond ring. But if we’re keeping it real here, I don’t really think that it’s a necessity. You can propose in whichever way you want with whatever you think is most suitable for your “hopefully” bride-to-be. What do I mean by this? All I’m saying is that you know your bride best and only you would know what she would like best. If you’re thinking she would appreciate the traditional diamond ring, by all means go ahead. Propose to her with that shiny thing. If you want to shake things up a bit, then maybe you can try a different approach – or a different type of ring perhaps. Just a suggestion but we have a great selection of wood rings on our websites and some designs have diamonds so why not go the extra mile and propose with something classy yet exotic?

Anyway, it’s your choice to make. You can even propose with a box of pizza or a pair of socks as long as it’s HER kind of thing. Make the proposal gift something that suits your beloved perfectly.

Set The Mood

Now, when you first hear the line “set the mood,” your brain is probably going haywire because you’re starting to calculate how much everything is going to cost. You think that it needs to be expensive – no, it has to expensive is what you think. After all, isn’t that the kind of grand gesture women seek? Well, not all women are that materialistic guys. In fact, many of them find it weird when you try to do something out of character.

Remember that they love you exactly the way you are – maybe that’s the reason why you want to propose to them in the first place. It’s because they see who you truly are and they’re accepting of it. They even adore it, in fact. So when I say set the mood, I mean it in a relative, unique only to the two of you kind of way. Is there an activity you both enjoy doing the most? Is there a place special for you both? Maybe you should plan to hold the proposal there with all your favorite people.