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These Rings Are All The Rage – Ever Heard Of Them?

Posted on November 07 2019

These Rings Are All The Rage – Ever Heard Of Them?


You might’ve heard of gold, Sterling silver, and stainless steel jewelry but have you ever encountered wood rings in mall shops before? I bet not. You’re not going to find this type of ring in any old jewelry store downtown – and not because they’re not good, okay? Wood rings are a gorgeous blend of urban and nature. They’re sexy and classy yet not gaudy at all. The reason why they’re not commonly found in the usual stores is because they’re custom made. They’re specially designed for special people like you.

Now, rings in general are pretty special in the jewelry family. Out of all accessories, they’re the smallest but (more often than not) they’re also the priciest. Why do you think that is? Well, for one, the ring is used for two of life’s biggest events: Engagement and Marriage.

In books, movies, and other forms of modern literature, the ring is often used as a symbol of union and commitment. The most popular of all and most likely to be used in old and modern lore is the diamond ring. Men are depicted to always propose with a diamond. After all, aren’t they every girl’s best friend? This has led the general masses to think that there’s no other ring to do a proposal with than a diamond. And what more do they believe? They think the bigger the stone is, the better – the higher the chance of getting that YES.

But it is because we live in modern times that we also know that this is not the only truth.

Diamonds are wonderful. They really shine brighter than the rest; they outlast generation after generation. It’s true when people say that precious diamonds are always here to stay. I’m also one of the people who believe that women love these precious stones not just for their price but for their symbolism as well.

You see, diamonds are a solid 10 in the Mohs scale of hardness. The perfect cut reflects light infinitely, in all the colors of light. The only natural thing that could cut it is another diamond (well recently, there are stronger carbon compounds but they’re man-made). If you try to take all of these facts together and draw a deeper meaning from each of them, you get these symbolisms:

The hardness of a diamond represents the never-failing, never-surrendering, and never-discouraged feelings of one person towards another.

Like how a diamond reflects light beautifully, it signifies the brilliance one person has brought into another person’s life. A brilliance that knows no end.

And just as a diamond cannot be cut by any other element, the love offered is a love so strong that nothing can come in-between.

See? Diamonds are not just for show. They aren’t precious just because of the price. What they represent, all the symbolisms, it makes them worth so much. Still, I’m raising the question: Does it always have to be a diamond?

Is It Time To Propose With Something Other Than A Diamond Ring?

If you want to pop the big question with a huge, bright diamond then by all means, please go ahead. But if you’re craving to do something out of the ordinary, then know that you can always try to switch things up. After all, there are always two types of people: People who like to follow fads and people who create them, like us.

You know what’s going to convey your unwavering passion and love for your partner? It’s by proposing to them with something unique and extraordinary. Diamonds may be unbreakable and tough but tungsten is too, you know. Instead of proposing with a diamond ring, why not try proposing with a Tungsten ring? This time, not only is the stone unbreakable, but the whole ring is tougher than tough. Tungsten is not your everyday metal but with the right design and skilful craftsmanship it can become the ultimate thing of beauty – especially when it’s accented by exotic wood.

If your gal is a lover of nature and likes classy things that they can wear almost anywhere, then a tungsten wood ring would be perfect for her, don’t you think? Just think about it.

While a diamond ring proposal is undoubtedly magical, it’s also a bit impractical. There are only so many occasions your girl can wear that diamond ring to in fear of getting robbed. Sure, she can wear them to fancy dinners and elite parties and brag about how shiny, shimmery, and splendid it is. But can she wear it when she goes out for groceries? How about when she’s on a night out with friends?

Now, I really doubt that she can wear such a fancy thing to everyday destinations.

I think that a pretty yet more practical ring would definitely be more appropriate in these modern times. Oh, and did I mention wood rings may have crystal gems embedded on them too? Since they’re 100% customized and are made to order, you can influence the design however way you want (and of course, stick with what the budget allows). Anyway, it’s a good idea to consider – don’t you agree?